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Labatt Blue Hustlers110 .5002932-3 0.0
Oland Outlaws200 .000321814- 1.0
Kings of Keith's110 .00032293 0.0
Boddingtons Bees000 .000000 0.0
Bud Light Icemen000 .000000 0.0
Corona HockenFluffers 000 .000000 0.0
Hurricane Stella000 .000000 0.0
Löwenbräu Lions000 .000000 0.0
Rolling Rock Rookies000 .000000 0.0
Michelob Ballers020 .0001832-14 1.0


News: Complete Schedule
Posted by Tim Gallery, Last Updated: 2 days ago

Hi Everyone,

 I just wanted to inform you all that the complete schedule for the league this summer is now posted.  I hope by end of season to have every team evened out in terms of the number of games played, as of now, we are slightly disjointed in that number.  The schedule runs through until mid-August this year.  I tried not to have teams that play twice in a week play back to back or two in three days, I think it worked out pretty well for the most part.

 If there are any questi ...
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News: Updated Rules!!
Posted by Evan Anstey, Last Updated: 2 days ago

Hi Everyone,

Some of the rules have been updated this season. Specifically those are:

1 (inclusive); 2.0; 3.0; 4.1; 8.0; 13.0; 15.3 (incl.); 15.6 (incl.); 15.9 (incl.);
15.11 (incl.); 15.14; 15.19.3;
and Appendix A (incl.)

A copy of these rules have been sent to all the team captains, but we encourage everyone in the league to familiarize themselves with the league rules, especially those changed over the past couple of seasons.

The rules can be found in the menu on the left, or you can find them here: OFFICIA

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News: Reporting / Updating Scores...
Posted by Evan Anstey, Last Updated: 4 days ago

  Just a reminder to everyone to please update your scores ASAP following your games!

The captain of the winning team should enter the scores, but both captains should review to clarify that the scores entered are correct.

Scores will be locked from editing 48 hours after they are entered.

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