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Corona HockenFluffers 1891 .64333730136 0.0
Labatt Blue Hustlers1783 .60734029842 0.0
Hurricane Stella1584 .55636533035 1.0
Kings of Keith's1493 .53836232438 2.0
Bud Light Mariners1285 .50034027268 2.5
Oland Outlaws12113 .46233332013 4.0
Rolling Rock Sophomores10104 .357319331-12 4.5
Baby Got Becks8142 .333271320-49 7.5
Boddingtons Bees7181 .269255325-70 10.0
Michelob Ballers4182 .167240341-101 11.5

News: Tonight
Posted by Tim Gallery, Posted: 14 days ago

Hey everyone,


So due to an unforseen circumstances field number three will be available with no game on it.  A few of the folks from my team would like to get a scrimmage or practice in so I thought I would throw it out to the league and if anyone is interested in a scrimmage or batting practice tonight they can join us at field three for 6ish.


I know that it is short notice but maybe with some luck we can get enough out so that the field would not goto waste!


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News: Fields open for Icebreaker!
Posted by Mark Stevens, Posted: Sat May 28, 2016

a little damp but should dry out by 9... infields all good minor water at#3 at 1b line should be gone by 9 water in batting boxes.... time to chalk the lines!

News: 2015 Champs!!
Posted by Evan Anstey, Last Updated: Wed Sep 23, 2015

Congratulations to the Hockenfluffers - the 2015 Bud Light Softball Champions!

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All Star Game

Added Thu Oct 10, 2013

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Boddingtons Bees
Royal Sun
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