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News: Batting Gloves Left at AllStar Game
Posted by Evan Anstey, Last Updated: Sat Sep 26, 2015

Hi Everyone,

There was a pair of lime green Miken batter's gloves left by one of the players at the allstar game last night. If anyone has picked them up, please email me at and let me know, so we can get them back to their owner!


- Evan -

News: 2015 Champs!!
Posted by Evan Anstey, Last Updated: Wed Sep 23, 2015

Congratulations to the Hockenfluffers - the 2015 Bud Light Softball Champions!

News: Updated Rules!!
Posted by Evan Anstey, Last Updated: Mon Sep 21, 2015

Hi Everyone,

Some of the rules have been updated this season. Specifically those are:

1 (inclusive); 2.0; 3.0; 4.1; 8.0; 13.0; 15.3 (incl.); 15.6 (incl.); 15.9 (incl.);
15.11 (incl.); 15.14; 15.19.3;
and Appendix A (incl.)

A copy of these rules have been sent to all the team captains, but we encourage everyone in the league to familiarize themselves with the league rules, especially those changed over the past couple of seasons.

The rules can be found in the menu on the left, or you can find them here: OFFICIA

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All Star Game

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