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Labatt Blue Hustlers1983 .63337030565 0.0
Corona HockenFluffers 18111 .60034433113 2.0
Hurricane Stella1784 .58637933049 1.0
Oland Outlaws16113 .53337734037 3.0
Kings of Keith's15113 .51739935544 3.5
Bud Light Mariners13115 .46436831157 4.5
Baby Got Becks13152 .433327362-35 6.5
Rolling Rock Sophomores10104 .333319345-26 5.5
Boddingtons Bees8221 .258283386-103 12.5
Michelob Ballers5212 .179277378-101 13.5

News: 2016 Playoffs ... and the Champs are...
Posted by Mark Stevens, Last Updated: Mon Sep 19, 2016

Congratulations to the 2016 Champion Mariners who defeated the Hustlers in the finals.

Playoffs Loose ends:

A pair of Men's Size 11 Black Nike Cleats were left at the fields , If they are yours , make arrangements with me to pick up at

Also the 50/50 from Sunday was only $15 so rather than give you a small prize, the fundraisers are including Sundays tickets in a 50/50 they are doing at a BBQ this weekend ... so you may get a call if you're lucky

Saturday 50/50 We have the winning ...
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News: Some commonly misunderstood rules
Posted by Mark Stevens, Last Updated: Tue May 19, 2015


1) Infield Fly rule- The infield fly rule applies when there are fewer than two outs, and there is a force play at third base (runners on first and second base, or bases loaded). Under these conditions, if a fly ball is hit into fair territory and the umpire perceives that an infielder using ordinary effort would be able to catch the ball, the umpire will call the batter automatically out. Even if the infielder later drops the ball, it makes no difference. As soon as the umpire makes the call, the batter is ...
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All Star Game

Added Thu Oct 10, 2013

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Labatt Blue Hustlers

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