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Bud Light Icemen2510 .962447192255 0.0
Labatt Blue Hustlers1850 .857314186128 5.5
Blue Star Brand Slams16100 .61532525471 9.0
Corona HockenFluffers 1493 .58333130625 9.5
Leffe'd on Base15141 .57739437024 11.5
Hurricane Stella15120 .55637632749 10.5
Boddingtons Bees11143 .393270341-71 13.5
Brahmas6191 .231224346-122 18.5
Busch Whackers6240 .214246463-217 21.0
Löwenbräu Lions5230 .179249391-142 21.0

News: Schedule Update
Posted by Tim Gallery, Last Updated: 13 days ago

Hey Everyone,

Just letting you know that another two weeks of games for everyone has been added to August.  Please review these and make sure the rest of your respective teams are aware of the dates.  As we are running out of fields to reschedule games please make every attempt to field a team.  We have limited fields and have to be aware of rain outs for the entire month of August still!


News: Reporting / Updating Scores...
Posted by Evan Anstey, Last Updated: Tue Jun 3, 2014

  Just a reminder to everyone to please update your scores ASAP following your games!

The captain of the winning team should enter the scores, but both captains should review to clarify that the scores entered are correct.

Scores will be locked from editing 48 hours after they are entered.

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News: Some commonly misunderstood rules
Posted by Mark Stevens, Posted: Tue Jun 16, 2009


1) Infield Fly rule- The infield fly rule applies when there are fewer than two outs, and there is a force play at third base (runners on first and second base, or bases loaded). Under these conditions, if a fly ball is hit into fair territory and the umpire perceives that an infielder using ordinary effort would be able to catch the ball, the umpire will call the batter automatically out. Even if the infielder later drops the ball, it makes no difference. As soon as the umpire makes the call, the batter is ...[BR]Read More
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All Star Game

Added Thu Oct 10, 2013

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Bud Light Icemen
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